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The Ateneo Blue Eagles have done it again!  We are the champions this year!   And of the three, this could arguably be the sweetest because of so many things!   We lost three key players, we lost a game to La Salle, we lost the two elimination games against FEU, and we had NO ONE in the mythical team.  And yet, WE WON.   I admire the players because they played their hearts out.  They prepared for the finals, and they went ALL OUT.

There are a lot of bitter people out there, belittling our 3-peat because they’ve had a 4-peat, albeit in the distant past.  Whatever they say doesn’t change the fact that we won THIS YEAR.  I ask them, so, how did you do this year?

I always mean it when I sing or shout “WIN OR LOSE THIS IS THE SCHOOL WE CHOOSE!”.  This comes from one who was in Ateneo during the “dark years”.  We watched all the games even if we kept losing.   But my oh my, it’s really so much SWEETER when we win.

Mary for you, for your white and blue… ONE BIG FIGHT!


We lost??!???!!

WE LOST!!!!!!!!

Goodbye 2nd place! And if we become 4th place… I don’t even want to think about it.


We won??!???!!

WE WON!!!!!!!!

Okay, that was a surprise. We were definitely the underdog. But hey, sometimes, underdogs win. ONE BIG FIGHT!


UAAP, for the last time this year. :(

I felt so bad after tuesday’s loss, and really didn’t care about the final four games anymore. But receiving a series of emails from the Alumni mailing list made me feel so good about the school so I watched the game on TV. The emails were not even about “we can still win!!!”, it was about continuing to support the team, even with all the losses. Can’t blame the crowd for feeling bad with all the losses. But those emails and text messages going around reminded us what the UAAP is all about. Congratulations to La Salle, they’ve been playing really well for the last 7 games (heck, they won 7 straight games). It’s really just so hard to admire a team with so many ********. :) Casio is the only player I like in that team. Wish Cortez and Ritualo were still there – those players, I think, are admirable.



Can’t win with heart alone. I know that our players want to win so much, but heart isn’t enough. Even before the season started, I was worried about our team because I felt that they weren’t as talented or skilled as the other teams. And that was when Larry was there. Losing Larry was a huge blow, because he was the best player in the team! We won 7 straight games. Hey, no complaints here, but I still didn’t feel confident. (I’m really a pessimist.) Anyway, from being number 1, we are now number 3, and we have to beat La Salle twice to get into the finals. That’s gonna be tough! I hope that they can get through the next game – they should take it one game at a time. Still, it’s ONE BIG FIGHT! The cheers will still be LOUD!

Amazing Race in the Philippines

At around lunch time, all my friends were asking me if I got to watch TAR 5 live. Nope, Charo, the huge fan, was not able to watch it live! (Too early for me, hehe.) I was waiting for the 6PM airing but unfortunately, the NCAA game got delayed, plus it went into overtime. Oh well. It was a great episode, as my friend Nikki said. And, [warning to those who haven’t watched! SPOILER ALERT!] if you’re a Colin-hater, you’ll love this episode. It was so nice to see the jeepneys, the buses, Edsa, and the Coconut Palace! It was my first time to notice the escorts (were those escorts? Revo in front and policeman in motorcycle at the back?), or did they only have escorts in the Philippines? Anyway, can’t wait for the last episode next week!

Survivor: Vanuatu

Not much hype, so I was surprised to see a Studio 23 commercial on Survivor 9. First episode is on friday, September 17, at 1PM. Time to check out the CBS website!

(‘Encountered’ Vanuatu when I was researching on possible honeymoon spots. Hehe!)


Ateneo vs. La Salle

Our second loss for the season. Shucks. I don’t feel as bad – no cheating involved. Didn’t look as if the La Salle players used dirty tricks. It actually seemed that they wanted it more (oo nga naman, two losses in a row against Ateneo will really hurt their ego’s). They played better. The Ateneo heart wasn’t enough to close the 31 point lead. Sayang, kung 15 points lang siguro yun, we would’ve had a chance.

Some observations: We really need to look for a good point guard who can replace LA Tenorio. I don’t see it in Chris Tiu. And I definitely don’t see it in Escalona. He has been playing for 3 years and he’s still not a good point guard. And we need to look for someone who can dominate the paint.

What’s weird is that even if we lost, I was so proud to be an Atenean during that game. La Sallians used to laugh at our line “Win or lose, this is the school we choose.” But it’s true. Win, or lose. The relationship of the gallery and the players is a two-way thing. The players have a responsibility to the gallery. They should play well, or at least try their best to play well. At the same time, the gallery has a responsibility to the players. The gallery should always cheer for the players, whether they win or lose. I actually pity the La Salle players (well, not Cardona and Gaco eheheh) ’cause it looks like they’re on a one-way street. The gallery will only cheer for them, or ‘cheer loudly with all their hearts’ for them when they’re winning. This has been mentioned time and again, in different places, by different people, La Sallians, and other non-Ateneans, included. It’s a totally different story with Ateneo. During the game (except some parts of the second quarter when people were literally stunned by the one million errors of the Ateneo players), if you don’t look at the score, you’ll think that it’s a tied game. When there’s actually a 26 (and at one point it even reached 31) point lead!

(Ehehe I lost my train of thought ’cause someone called me up and I had to discuss some stuff for work. So I’ll leave it at that.)


No more Larry… :(

It has been confirmed that Larry Fonacier will not be able to play anymore during the season, because he has ACL and grade 1 MCL tears on his knee. He will undergo an operation on wednesday and it will take 6-8 months for him to recuperate. It’s really a sad development, because I’ve always admired him. First, I’m sad for him, because it’s his last season and I’m sure he wanted to play well. Second, I’m sad for the team because he is the best player. But knowing the Ateneo spirit, I’m sure that the players will still give their all in every single game they will play.


Ateneo lost against La Salle. I don’t even know the score. All I know is that the game went into overtime, there was a brawl before the end of the regular period, and that Ateneo didn’t play well. And there’s a chance that Tenorio will be suspended during the second game. Even before the game started, I kept thinking that if we lost today, it’s most probably bye-bye Finals for Ateneo. I do believe in the team, but in the semi’s, it’s not about who’s better. It’s about who wants it more. I just hope we want it more than La Salle.


UE filed a formal complaint on the call of the referees yesterday. The UAAP Board met today and decided that UE should be the winner. (Based on instant replay. The 3 pt. shot was released after the buzzer sounded.)

So, no more playoff for Ateneo. We will go against La Salle in the Final Four. Playoff game on Sunday will be between UE and FEU. They will fight for the #2 slot.

Final Four schedule (Tentative): September 25 and 28

Finals schedule: October 2, 5, 11.

If you have time, please watch UAAP Central on Studio 23 tonight, 11:30PM. Guests include courtside reporters, Randy Sacdalan, and ex-UAAP players (Enrico Villanueva, Gec Chia, Mike Bravo and Xavey Nunag). We will also explain what happened yesterday and the Board’s decision.


Ateneo won against La Salle last saturday. 98-89. It felt good to be there, cheering with everyone else. One big fight!