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Butterfly on Morrison

During our recent trip to Hongkong, we stayed at Butterfly on Morrison for 4D3N.  We chose the place because it is relatively affordable, with okay reviews on and Tripadvisor.  Overall, it was okay.  It was not a bad experience at all.  However, if and when I do go back to Hongkong, I will stay at another place.

LOCATION – I wasn’t too fond of the location.  It was around 2 blocks from Times Square or the Causeway Bay MTR, but you have to pass through a wet market to get there.  And if you have to go back to the hotel to bring stuff, for 4 days, then those ‘2 blocks’ will add.  I don’t like it that the mini-bus from the airport had to drop us off almost a block away, because the hotel’s entrance is a bus stop.   The hotel didn’t have a driveway.  The lobby is at the 3rd floor.

FACILITIES – We got the superior room.  Generally, it was okay.  The bed, sheets and pillows were fluffy and comfortable.  There was a flat screen tv on the wall.  The room had wired internet.   There was a standard safe and ref, but, no mini-bar.  My biggest complaint is that the bathroom is too small, and it had a glass door.  One side of the bathroom had blinds, but you can see through a small area of the door.  Definitely not for not-so-close-friends.  It didn’t have a bathtub (which I think is necessary for Hongkong, after all the walking and shopping), and the shower area is too small.  There was no counter beside the sink, just a small area in front for the glasses.  For me, this was the biggest let down of all.

SERVICE – The receptionists and bellboys were okay.  Nothing to complain about, but nothing great either.  Housekeeping can improve a bit though.  The room was generally clean when we got back from the city, but I felt they could have done more.  Another complaint is that there was no room service – I always look forward to this when we go to hotels!

PRICE – I have no complaints, I think I got what I paid for.  We paid Php4,151.67 per night.

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Foot spa!


Happy Tripper Updates


Manila Oceanpark

I found Nemo! I spent the afternoon at Manila Oceanpark to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a very interesting experience, except for the fact that there were a million people there. We got stuck in traffic at Quiapo because of a rally we didn’t know about so we arrived there past 2PM. Which was a blessing for us – we didn’t have to line up because our friends were waiting in line. The line outside was long, the ticket line was long, and the line going inside was long. It was worth it though because what we saw inside was amazing.

StingrayIt was a huge place! It showcased so many species of marine life, from stingrays to clownfish to sharks… It was awesome! They had an amazing underwater tunnel, albeit short. The kids were all going nuts when the stingrays swam majestically from one side of the tunnel to the other. When we were in the tunnel, 2 divers went into the water to feed the stingray, and my diver friends got all excited. The stingrays were all over the men! Right then and there they wanted to leave and go somewhere to dive. It was an awesome sight! Never mind even if the kids around us were all either shrieking in excitement or in fear.

AweThe fee for adults is P400, and it’s worth it. I just wish they had aircon inside – it was so damn hot! (Or was it on purpose that there was no aircon?) I also wish they could fix the system of the lines outside. It was horrible! Also, I wish they could be tougher on the visitors who don’t follow the rules. There were so many warning signs that flash photography wasn’t allowed, and the guides kept on repeating this, but there were still a LOT of people using flash. Their cameras should be confiscated!!!

When you go there in the afternoon, expect long lines. I’m not sure if the lines are shorter in the morning. But it’s worth it especially if you have kids. Remember, flash photography is not allowed! :)

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Flip Video

I gave my hubby a Flip Video (Ultra Series) for Christmas. I found it on during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This is the day when almost all retailers in the US go on sale. It was featured in the Electronics category, and I got interested because of the good reviews. I love the gift because he loved it, but also because I can use it. Haha!

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Sinulog, here we come!

Last week I bought 2 Cebu Pacific tickets for me and my hubby for Cebu. We will be there for Sinulog, one of the more popular festivals in the Philippines, which is celebrated every third weekend of January. According to the official website of Sinulog,

The Sinulog festival is one of the grandest and most colorful festivals in the Philippines. The main festival is held each year on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Niño, or the child Jesus, who used to be the patron saint of the whole province of Cebu (since in the Catholic faith Jesus is not a saint, but God). It is essentially a dance ritual which remembers the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity.

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Recreational Outdoor Exchange

My hubby and I went to Serendra/Bonifacio High Street last week and we were surprised to see so many new stores! And for me, the most exciting discovery is the Recreational Outdoor Exchange, which is a store that sells items for outdoor activities and adventure travel. AWESOME! To the adventure and outdoor trippers out there, this is the store for you!

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Vigan Heritage Mansion

Vigan Heritage Mansion

During our last roadtrip with Vigan as our destination, I wanted to be sure that our chosen hotel wasn’t “spooky”. You see, I’m a scaredy cat. And most of Vigan’s hotels are actually preserved old houses. I researched online, and came across several hotels. We ended up choosing Vigan Heritage Mansion because of 2 reasons – its location, and its supposedly “modern” feel even if it’s a restored, antique mansion.

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Tripper 5: Photos of the Philippines

Well, I’m choosing from among my photos, so these may not necessarily be the best of the best out there. But they’re pretty good photos of the Philippines. I’ve been posting them to different Flickr groups so other people may see how beautiful our country is.

Bohol, Philippines

1) Bohol – This photo was taken during our island hopping tour after snorkeling near the Balicasag island. This is a photo of a small, uninhabited island which was somewhere in between Panglao and the snorkeling site. Bohol is a beautiful, beautiful place – if I were rich enough I would buy property there so I can just go back anytime. It’s relatively quiet, the beaches are not yet commercialized, there were so many dolphins to watch it was amazing, and the people were genuinely nice. Bohol is one place I always recommend to business associates and other acquaintances when they ask about interesting destinations in the Philippines.

Kadayawan Parade - Davao, Philippines

2) Kadayawan – Experiencing the different fiestas or festivals in the Philippines is awesome. Kadayawan, which is celebrated during the third week of August by Davaoenos, is one of the more popular fiestas in the country. Participants go all out with their costumes, props, and presentations – which end up being truly awesome!

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Tripper Tips: How to Prepare for a Travel Emergency

(As posted by Nikki)

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for a multinational company which has allowed me to experience the joys of traveling. Over the past years I’ve encountered problems and emergencies during different trips, though most of these are out of our control we can prepare ourselves so that when they do happen we are ready for the consequences, minimize the impact and more importantly remain a Happy Tripper. Click here to read the rest of the entry.