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Black Friday Sale!

Photo by antwerpenR on Flickr


I have been “preparing” for the Black Friday Sale for about a month now.  I talked to a friend in the US and agreed on an arrangement, where the stuff I will buy online will be sent to her home.  She will then send them to me via Balikbayan box within December.  I have also saved the items I am interested in to my wishlists.  I AM READY! 😛  And then I was pleasantly surprised to find out that has already started the sale.

My box will be full of the following items: DVD, Blu Ray, beddings and bath towels.  Random, yes, but the latter two I really need for our condo. :)

This year, I will not forget that Apps will also be on sale – I am looking forward to that as well.


Bazaar Schedule 2011

I’ve been thinking about going back to blogging lately, and I thought that this was the perfect “1st post” since Christmas is very near!  Plus, last year’s blog entry received some replies with the 2011 sched.  If you know of any good bazaars, please post the schedule here and I’ll add to the post.

Karl Edwards Bazaar @ NBC Tent

October 22-23 and 29-30, November 5-6, 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27, December 3-4, 10-11, 17-23, 2011

10:00am – 7:00pm

Fort Bonifacio Global City

Tel. Nos. 374-3726, 372-8453

Assumption Bazaar

November 6 & 13, 8:00am-7:00pm

Venue: Hotel Intercontinental Makati

c/o Assumption College Alumni Association

Tel. No. 894-3561




List of ‘Groupon’ Sites in the Philippines

***UPDATED LIST!!! (as of May 6, 2012)***


I’ve always loved shopping. And after I ‘discovered’ the joys of online shopping, there was no turning back. So naturally, when these Groupon-type websites were launched, I just had to try them out. And now, I’m hooked.

My two favorite is:

Deal Grocer

DealGrocer – This is different from the rest because they only offer high-end products and services.  As of this update, I already have a total of 35 vouchers from them.  No issues with the payments nor the use of the vouchers.  All of the payments were made via Paypal.

Some sites that you may want to check:


A-Deals – This is Ayala’s deals site.  They feature deals from their merchants.  Best deals are the movie deals!  Check them out.



Bazaar Schedule 2010

For the 2011 schedule, please go to this blog entry instead: Bazaar Schedule 2011


I’ve been looking for this list since the start of September!  Finally, someone sent it to me!  Ladies, enjoy, and HAPPY SHOPPING!



Ikea in the Philippines – QC

Good news to Ikea lovers in the Philippines, we found another seller of Ikea items! Check out their showroom at 120 Kamias Road, Quezon City. They only have small items, but you can still order the bigger items and just wait for them to be shipped. You can check out their Multiply site to see which items are for sale.


My Online Purchases

I’ve recently discovered the joys of online shopping. I’ve purchased 2 items from Amazon in the past, just to try it out, but now I can say I’m a regular shopper. Thanks to my boss’ box in the US. For me, the key is to buy items that are not available here. It doesn’t make sense to buy the items available here, even at a discount, because the delivery and customs fees are a bit high. So far, I’ve purchased Life is Good shirts, Livestrong items, and Sephora items.

And then I discovered the individual sellers at Multiply. These are local sellers, selling affordable and nice items such as bags, shoes, and accessories. I’ve purchased several items already and I think it’s about time that I write about them. So far, I’ve been very satisfied with the sellers. :)

Fashionista’s Haven (2 pairs of earrings, 3 types of bangles) – Very easy to talk to, prompt replies to inquiries, and quick delivery! The bangles were really nice, and the earrings are pretty! I will definitely watch out for her new items.

Doll It Up (Jelly shoes) – I totally love the jelly shoes! They’re really comfy! All my officemates have been asking about them too. Easy to talk to, and quick delivery. Looking forward to her new products!

Tangled Spangles (Scarfun Summer Melissa Shoes) – I totally love the shoes! Even if the heels are high, the shoes are still very, very comfy. Plus I’ve been getting compliments left and right! Definitely worth it! Expectations are managed – they tell you how long you have to wait since they still have to order the shoes. I got a text update too, so I knew when to expect the shoes. I’m a happy customer!

Therapy Bags (1 bag) – I LOVE THE BAG! Really, really worth it! Seller is easy to talk to, replies to inquiries are prompt, and the delivery was fast! I had the bag 3 days after I first inquired. The day after I paid Gcash, she shipped the item right away. I’m now waiting for the new designs.

The Purchaser (3 bags) – I like the bags! Nice! Wait is a bit long though, seemed longer than what I was told. But the sellers are very easy to talk to. I always watch out for their new bags.


New online finds.

Well, “new” because I just got into them recently, even if they’ve been around for quite some time now. I’m talking about 43 Things and Twitter. I just recently signed up with these sites and I am hooked!

I’ve been shopping online for the past couple of months. Bad, baaaad for the savings. But I really enjoy it! Check out the following sellers on Multiply:

The Purchaser

Tangles Spangles
Happy Beans Apparel
House of Sugar and Spice
Bags on My Mind


Life is Good.

This is Mike O’s mantra. And mind you, it’s not just a line, he tries to live it too. We hear it so much from him that some of us in the office say it a lot already.

And then I stumbled upon the Life is Good website. Thanks to Shirley, who gave us a Life is Good cap for pasalubong when she visited last time. I visited the website right away.

They have really cute items. My recent acquisitions – a t-shirt and a backpack. I can’t wait to use them!!!


Bath and Body Works Body Lotions and Hand Soaps, Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume – FOR SALE!

Here’s the story. My cousins went to the US and we ordered lotions, colognes, and perfumes. The thing is, ang daming napadala! So I’ll just sell the extra’s that we have here.

Bath and Body Works Pleasures Sheer Freesia Body Lotion

infused sith real freesia extract (8 fl oz/236 ml)


Bath and Body Works Pleasures Juniper Breeze Body Lotion

infused with real juniper extract (8 fl oz/236 ml)


Bath and Body Works Sun-Ripened Raspberry Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

with Green Tea Extract and Shea Butter (8 fl oz/236 ml)


Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

with Green Tea Extract and Shea Butter (8 fl oz/236 ml)


The lotions and hand soaps were only opened because we smelled them.

Ralph Lauren Romance

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray Vaporisateur (1.7 fl. oz./ 50 ml)


*Brand new, original, never opened.

Everything for P3,400!