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Flip Video

I gave my hubby a Flip Video (Ultra Series) for Christmas. I found it on during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This is the day when almost all retailers in the US go on sale. It was featured in the Electronics category, and I got interested because of the good reviews. I love the gift because he loved it, but also because I can use it. Haha!

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The first time I heard about the Asus Eee PC, I thought that it was an amazing idea, and I couldn’t wait for it to come out. Imagine, a basic laptop for P10,000! What an awesome idea! Well, the Asus Eee PC is now out, and even if it ended up being P18,000, it’s still an awesome little thing! I know I don’t need it, but I just had to have one. And lucky me, hubby gave it to me as a Christmas gift. A little early yes, but he was worried that I was going to go buy myself one so he made sure he gave it to me right away.

This device is so amazing, you won’t know what to focus on the first time you hold one. It’s so small! Oh and how light! And it’s cute! It’s just 7 inches in length. You read that right. 7 inches. And it’s only 2 pounds. You read that right again. 2 pounds! You don’t need a laptop bag for it – you can just place it in your handbag! Plus, the Asus Eee PC uses Linux, and therefore, it is FAST! You hardly wait while booting up. There’s Wifi, a built-in webcam, microphone and speakers, so you can communicate with your friends as long as there’s Wifi connection in the area.

Don’t expect this to replace your PC or your laptop. I think it’s intended to be a second laptop/PC which you can bring around anywhere you go. It’s the perfect travel companion!

I am absolutely loving this gadget.

For more info on the Asus Eee PC, you can check out the official site. :)


My New Baby

Ladies and gentlemen… presenting… GEORGIE!

I admit, the iPhone is beauuuutiful, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that you can’t forward texts and send messages to multiple recipients. Those were dealbreakers because I do those things often. So, even if I’m a bit of a gadget freak, I shied away from the iPhone. However, Apple had the brilliant idea of taking away the phone features and just offering the iPod portion of the gadget, with some reeeeeally great features. The iPod Touch was introduced, together with the iPod Classic and new iPod Nano with video. So I patiently waited.

Yesterday, Dom, Louie and I headed to Powerplant to have lunch and well, to avoid the scheduled fire drill. MBG was empty anyway, with people heading to the different destinations – Shang mall, Greenhills, etc, so why stay? After lunch at the ever-reliable Banana Leaf, we walked around, checked out some shops. I asked them to go with me to the Apple store so we can check if the iPod Touch was already available. And IT WAS!

I checked out the demo unit. It was awesome! The 12-month 0% interest promo sealed the deal. So now I have a spankin’ new iPod Touch, which I named Georgie, after one of my favorite cyclists George Hincapie and one of my favorite doctors Dr. George O’ Malley.

It’s a beautiful piece of gadget. It’s very thin, light, and really sleek. The screen is big, which is perfect for watching videos. And the touchscreen is just way cool. What are the awesome features? It has Wifi, so I can go online and browse the net if there’s Wifi within the area. It has a button which directly connects me to Youtube, so I can view the latest uploaded videos and my subscriptions.

The only drawbacks are the capacity and keyboard. It’s only 16Gb, so I’m not treating it as my main iPod (which means I’m not giving up my 80Gb – sidenote: it sucks so much that the new 80Gb is only P14k). I’m treating it as my Nano, although it’s much bigger. It’s what I will be carrying around in my bag, which means I’ll have to update the songs, photos and videos often. It’s REALLY HARD to type on the keyboard – that I really don’t know how to address. But it’s still a pretty awesome gadget, so that’s okay.

Gadget freaks, go get one! It’s WORTH IT! Remember, 12 months to pay, 0%! Go, go, GOOOOO!

I will go play with Georgie now.