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Slice High St

I have a new favorite place – Slice High St.  It’s located in the new block of Boni High Street, right beside Jamba Juice.  They have wonderful, heavenly desserts.  My favorites are the Choco Yema and the Morning Glory.  Other notables are the deep dish chocolate chip cookie, and banana pudding.  And they have good food too.  I was able to try their Barbecue Chicken Rice Melt (they use brown rice) and I couldn’t get enough of it!  Slice High St is my new “comfort place”.



My Jujucleanse Experience

Level 2 Jujucleanse

I found out about Juju Cleanse because of a tweet, and I immediately checked out their website.  I researched a bit, and decided that I would try a 1 day cleanse during a long weekend.  I wanted a do it on a long weekend so that I will have a couple of days to recover, if necessary.  I wasn’t sure how the cleanse will affect.  And so the Holy Week was the perfect time for it.



Sebastian’s Malted Milkbar

Dive Bar - Malted Milkbar

I LOVE malt chocolates.  I love any chocolate drink with malt (hello there Ghirardelli chocolate drink from Cheesecake Etc.!) I used to love Horlicks when it was widely available.   Which is why when I read about Sebastian’s Malted Milkbar, I knew I just had to try it!  It was on my mind for a week, but I didn’t have time to pass by Podium.  I was finally able to go last week and WOW, IT WAS AWESOME!  The ice cream itself, malt-vanilla , was so good I could have eaten it alone.  But it was so much better with the frozen chocolate and crushed maltesers around it!  This is a must-try guys!


Steak 101

Last friday we had dinner at Mike’s house.  He served us steaks and mashed potatoes and IT WAS AWESOME!  I learned so much from him, and I think the learnings are worth sharing!



Banapple: Happy First Year Anniversary!

Wow! One of our favorite restaurants, Banapple, has just celebrated their first year anniversary! It seems just like yesterday when I posted an entry about Banapple’s opening. I even included their menu! Well, one year after, they are doing very well, and with new pies and meals too! My absolute favorite is the COFFEE TOFFEE ROCA PIE! (P75/slice, P560/whole)

Click here for their pies and cakes price list.

Congratulations GJ, and here’s to another great year ahead!


Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream I got curious when 3 friends told me that there’s a new place with really good ice cream \. Off to Podium I went to search for Sebastian’s. Since they have Macadamia, that’s what I ordered. You see, my favorite ice cream flavor EVER is Haagen Dazs‘ Macadamia Nut ice cream. I didn’t like Sebastian’s version, because it was TOO RICH. It was just too much. I couldn’t finish a scoop!

First impressions are always important. Because of my first experience with their ice cream, I wasn’t interested anymore. But, we had to attend a party at Podium once and I decided to try out another flavor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It was YUMMY!!! The cookie dough chunks were really big and they tasted really good! Now, I’m a fan, and I’m planning to try the other flavors. However their waffle cone tastes bland. I wish they can use sugar waffle cones instead.


Pepsi Max

Just realized today that I like Pepsi Max more than Coke Light.  And I really don’t like Coke Zero – weird, but for me it doesn’t taste like Coke Regular at all.



Strawberry Cupcakes with Pink Cream Cheese Frosting
Originally uploaded by Miss Bexxie.

Look at that. It looks so yummy! I’ve been looking at cupcake photos in Flickr for the past 3 days. I think this is a result of my diet. If I can’t eat and savor the food, then I’ll just look at them and admire them. And because of this, I was inspired to take up baking lessons. I just wanna learn how to bake again – we did a lot of baking in high school, and that was it. After high school I would bake one in a blue moon – maybe a total of 5 times from then til now.

Can you suggest a course/workshop/class that I can take? Baking only, and I’m really only interested in cakes. :)


Roadtrip with the girls!

The girls at C’ Italia
Originally uploaded by Carambs!.

I joined the girls last June 2-3,2007 and we went on a roadtrip to Subic and Clark. I was with Joe, Carmela, Cathy, Cookie, Yoj and Angie. We brought two cars, one driven by Cookie, one driven by Angie. First stop was Subic where we had lunch and shopped! Then we went back to Clark where we stayed for the night. We stayed at Monte Vista, in Mimosa. The villa was really nice, and we were lucky that we got it at a promo price of P4,500. We were really tired by then so we just ordered room service for dinner – and what a surprise! The food was actually good! The rest of the night was spent singing. We sang the night away using Yoj’s good ol’ magic sing.

Stopover at a gas station.

The villa.

Room service. Yummy food!

The next day, we had lunch at C’ Italia which I now consider as one of my favorite restaurants. The food was GREAT! Their best seller, the panizza, was a hit with the girls! We met the owner, Chris, who was very accomodating. He toured us around the restaurant and told stories about his famous customers, which included a couple of Philippine presidents (Ramos and Arroyo).

Cristina Panizza

With the owner, Cris.

We got back in Manila at around 6PM, and by that time we were really tired. It was such a fun roadtrip that we decided we would do it again sometime in the future. :)

Complete set of photos here.


Banapple: Now Baking!

Banapple is a cafe/cakeshop/coffeeshop along Katipunan extension, owned by our friend GJ. I worked with him during my PinoyExchange days – he was still with Sky Internet then. And then in ABSi, I turned over my telco relations duties to him. His wife has been baking for a long time now – I have always ordered cheesecakes from them and gave these as gifts to friends. They have also been supplying cheesecakes and pastries to some coffeeshops/restaurants, like Windows. So it was a pleasant surprise when we saw the Banapple sign weeks ago across Kopiroti. They’re expanding!

They opened yesterday – so we made sure that we had lunch there. It was another pleasant surprise that they also offered entrees. I ordered the Herbed Chicken Rolls w/ Basil Cream Sauce (P145). It was good! Though similar, it’s not the usual cordon bleu/a la kiev. I really liked the sauce. And even if I’m not fond of potato salad, theirs is actually good.

Here’s their menu for now:

Terrific Tuna Sandwich P85
Asian Crabstick and Mango Salad Sandwich P85
Warm Chicken Salad Sandwich P90
Rafael Maple-Glazed Ham and Honey Mustard Sandwich P110

Fettuccine Jacintha P110
Penne Bolognese P110
Fettuccine Magnifico P110
Pasta Verde P110

Herbed Chicken Rolls w Basil Cream Sauce P145
Garlic Beef Tapa w Creamed Parsley Eggs P120
Glazed Pork Tocino w Creamed Parsley Eggs P110
Breaded Fillet of Creamy Dory w Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce P150

Buttermik Pancakes P70
Awesome Blueberry Pancakes P85
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes P85

Creamy Chicken Pie P75
Savory Tuna Pie P75
Cheese and Mushroom Pie P75

Blueberry Cheesecake P700
Two-Nut Caramel Cheesecake P700 (Yummy!)
Chocolate Chip Walnut P480
Banoffee Pie P480 (I love this!)
Apple Caramel Crumblr P500
Snicker Fudge Cheesecake P800
Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake P700
Cadbury Old Gold Oreo Cheesecake P1020
Classic Pecan Pie P800
Honey Carrot Walnut Cake P650
Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake P650
Super Caramel Fudge Cake P700

Their address is 225 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge QC. Phone number 4392675. It’s right across Kopiroti, before Katips. Hope you can drop by!

Thanks to Mikoid for the photos!