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Philippine Holidays for 2008

Here are the Philippine Holidays for 2008:

  • March 20 (Thursday) -Maundy Thursday
  • March 21 (Friday) – Good Friday
  • April 7 (Monday) – Araw ng Kagitingan (Monday nearest April 9)
  • May 1 (Thursday) – Labor Day
  • August 18 (Monday) – Ninoy Aquino Day (Monday nearest August 21)
  • August 25 (Monday) – National Heroes Day (last Monday of August)
  • November 1 (Saturday) – All Saints’ Day
  • December 1 (Monday) – Bonifacio Day (Monday nearest November 30)
  • December 25 (Thursday) – Christmas Day
  • December 26 (Friday) – additional special non-working holiday
  • December 29 (Monday) – additional special non-working holiday
  • December 30 (Tuesday) – Rizal Day
  • December 31 (Wednesday) – Last Day of the Year

If you’re wondering about the source, you can check out the PDF file of the proclamation.


Office Lingo

SIPHONING – to draw off or convey through or as if through a siphon (from

IN FULL, ON TIME, ON SPECS -one of the criteria by which projects are evaluated

GRANULARITY – the size of the units of code under consideration in some context. The term generally refers to the level of detail at which code is considered (from


Why do we work?

We have different reasons for working. Most people simply do it for the money – hey, we need to pay our bills, right? Some people do it for fulfillment. Some people do it because they believe it’s their vocation, like teaching.

After that first question of “why do we work” comes my second question – is it worth it?


Office Lingo

I’ve been hearing these words/phrase a lot lately:

UNEQUIVOCAL – absolute; unqualified; not subject to conditions or exceptions (according to

BASELINE – a specific value or values that can serve as a comparison or control (according to

USE CASE – a description of a system’s behaviour as it responds to a request that originates from outside of that system (according to Wikipedia)


I’m glad that things turned out the way they did. I’m used to working with people who impress me – I get so disappointed otherwise. I remember the time when I first met Mads and I thought I hit the jackpot. I kinda felt that way with the new guy, I hope he won’t let me down.



I find it really sad when I’m in front of my computer and I can’t think of anything to blog about, because there’s nothing much I’ve been thinking about except for work. Work, work, and more work. The past week was chaotic, and sadly, the next two weeks will be as bad. My calendar is a mess, with 3 hour long meetings side by side with 30-minute telecons. I’m tired. How I survive? By taking it one day at a time.


The past week has been hell. I feel like a headless duck just going around and around, doing what I can do, on an adhoc basis. Not good for me since I’m OC, and I like to plan things, but there’s just no time! I cannot even make my to-do list, which is what guides me everyday. The emails keep on coming, the meetings keep on happening, the requests just keep on piling up. I feel bad that I keep on requesting for things from Fenina, and I cannot help her out. We are all just neck deep in work that we cannot help each other out anymore. So many things going on at the same time, all of them important. Let’s see how the next few weeks will unfold.


THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend. The week has been hell! Well, come to think of it, the past two and a half months have been really hectic. There are some days that when I still feel okay at the end of the day, even if I’m tired. But there are just some days when I end up thinking – is this worth it? Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love the people here. But, I’m human. I get tired. And sometimes I get fed up.

Anyway, enough of that. IT’S FRIDAY!!! YAHOO!!!


Going Through The Motions

This was about that. Going through the motions. Encountered some problems, got through them, worked like mad, and now it’s almost saturday. I hope it will be different next week.



National Treasure

Jovan enjoyed the movie so much. For me, it was okay. Typical adventure movie from Disney. The movie reminded me so much of Da Vinci Code though, minus the dark side of murder. The lead character is a guy who’s a specialist in something, who has been doing what he has been doing all his life. There’s a beautiful woman involved, who ends up working with the lead character. They go from one clue to another until they find what they’re looking for. I dunno, it just reminded me so much of Da Vinci Code.


Work is okay. I have a lot of work, but it’s still nothing compared to what the others have here. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when my workload is the same as everyone else’s. Anyway, it’s good that the people here are friendly. The only problem is that everyone is SOOOO busy that it’s hard to ask questions. So even if they’re very willing to help out, help doesn’t come right away. I’m really okay with being left alone – but for now, I’m just careful ’cause I might do the wrong thing! But slowly, information is coming in, so I hope that I can work efficiently without asking a lot of questions really soon.

The Amazing Race

I missed the first two episodes! I actually watched two replays just to watch the first episode, and I got to watch the second half before the first half. And then I missed it again today. I love the old couple, but I highly doubt if they can last long. After 5 seasons, I have come to the conclusion that old people will never win TAR, because half of the challenges are physical! I hope I can be proven wrong soon – this season even!


I’m still following Survivor – I make sure to ask Jovan to tape the morning episode every friday. I’m happy that the season is now a bit interesting, compared to the early episodes, which were unfortunately very BORING. Even if the outcome is predictable (a woman will DEFINITELY win this season), the episodes are now more interesting. I’m guessing that Chris isn’t the next to go (argh! let him go!), but he will definitely not make it to the final 2. The power plays are coming really soon, and Ami should watch her back because she is the strongest player left – in all aspects, physically, mentally, socially… ALL ASPECTS! I used to like her, but now I’m not so sure. I’m not rooting for anyone anymore, but I’m still watching ’cause I want to know what’s gonna happen next year.

I think I’m just blabbing – my brain is fried so I’m just typing and typing whatever comes to mind.

Note to self: remember to blog about “ang mga pinoy naman” – a conversation I had with my cousin Anton and Jovan.