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I was going through my RSS feeds and saw some Cliquebooth pictures from Jason Magbanua’s blog.   I totally forgot to blog about this!  The Information Gateway party last Christmas had a Cliquebooth which everyone totally enjoyed!  It’s just too bad this wasn’t around yet during our wedding, that would have been a blast!  Anyway, here are some of our pictures from Cliquebooth:


Europe Photos!

Finally finished uploading all of our Europe photos! YAY! It took me to 2 days to upload everything, but it’s worth it!

More details in!



Originally uploaded by Carambs!.

I have recently joined again Photoworks, a 6-session photography class given by Leo Castillo. I was inspired to take it again because Cookie, a friend from work, wanted to take classes. Plus, this was supposed to be our therapy together, to deal with stress and other stuff. (Notice I’m trying to be vague?)

I took Photoworks for the first time in March 2003, but I was still using film at that time. I really wasn’t able to follow through because it was too expensive. But now I have a digital SLR, so I can practice what I’m learning.

I submitted the photo above for my first homework – we call these Photo Projects. The homework was to take a photo with a clear theme.

Today is our last day, and I’m not even sure if I can attend. Been at home the past 2 days trying to recover.


Philippines Photobook in Lonely Planet’s Flickr Account

The moderators of one of the Lonely Planet Publications Flickr accounts asked for suggestions on Photobook topics. They already have several Photobook threads – on Egypt, London, Norway, etc. Of course I suggested the Philippines! I wrote that it’s sad that people think this is a dreadful country when there are in fact many many beautiful places here! The moderator loved the idea of helping destroy the stereotype and he started a thread on the Philippines!

If you’re a Flickr member, post your best photos of the Philippines here:



24 Hours of Flickr

Originally uploaded by Carambs!.

I really love this photo. I took it for the 24 Hours of Flickr event last May 5, 2007, but submitted something else. I think I like it because it’s alone, when Bougainvilleas are usually bunched together. I have a feeling I’m gonna get into this macro thing more and more – I think it’s cool!


My Sweet Camera

Remember this post of mine from last year, about the Canon EOS 400D? Well, I DID IT! I bought one last weekend and I AM SO GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT!

I haven’t been able to study the features yet though, I’m planning to do that the minute the I finish the report I’m supposed to submit on monday.


He who sings frightens away his ills. – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

Yesterday was a great day. I spent it with the girls (Mads, Sharon and Cathy). We were together from 7AM to 10PM! We had brunch at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay, then we went to the wake of Brig’s mom in Cabuyao. It was really fun in the car, we were laughing the whole time. The quote of the day goes to Mads (of course, who else), who said “Tandaan niyo, mayabang ako, kaya ako bida sa kwento ko!” The food in Sonya’s was really good, especially the adobo. Plus, there were lots of flowers so I took so many pictures!

Check out all the photos here: Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay (Flickr)

In the afternoon, we were inspired to push through with our KTV plans after Sharon played her “Karaoke” playlist. So we were in IO by 4:30PM. We decided to go for the P450 package, with P350 consummable since we were really hungry by that time. And we sang, and sang, and sang. It felt good. It’s a form of release. It’s something I love so that adds to it.

So yesterday was about being with real friends, having fun with them, enjoying great food, taking beautiful photos, and singing. Yeah, it was a great day.


Antulang Resort, Dumaguete

I went to Dumaguete with Sharon 2 weeks ago. I went there to take pictures, Sharon went there for the beach. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s mainly for couples and divers. Here are some pictures:

More pictures posted at Flicker here.
Check out the Antulang website here.




Baguio Part 3

We were supposed to go to Vigan for Jovan’s birthday, but unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well, so I requested for a ‘nearer’ destination. We ended up going to Baguio again, partly because the boys wanted to bike to the “Radar” as Mike T had recommended. Again, we were the usual suspects – Jovan, me and Mike O – since no one else could go on leave on December 18 (Monday), Jovan’s actual birthday. Mike O still had some leaves to use up. (Just to explain, we have 15 vacation leaves per year, and we’re only allowed to carry over 7.5 to the next year. This means that we are required to use up 7.5 VL’s for the year, or these will be forfeited.)

We chose Hotel Veniz again since we really liked their service the last time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same this time around. Service wasn’t as good, the room we got for the first night, though more expensive, was so much smaller. The rate was for the view, I learned – something which we didn’t care about. During check-out, there was mix up with the amount, so we had to explain (almost argue) with the people there.

I wasn’t feeling 100% okay so I just let the boys do their bike ride while I watched the Tour de France in the hotel room. The highlight of the trip for me was the strawberry juice first discovered during Baguio Part 2. It was so funny because I took a photo of the juice and sent it to the girls, and everyone reacted! When you’re in Baguio, it’s a must that you go to Strawberries and Ice Cream at The Filling Station. The strawberry juice there is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted in any juice place here in Manila. Strawberries, sugar, and ice. That’s it. YUMMY!