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Sleeping Graham

Look at this cutiepie!



Graham’s Family Reunion

Brothers - Graham and Sparco We attended our first pet meet today at Eastwood. We were invited by Mark and Joey, the owners of Graham’s dad, Titan. It was actually cool! I was worried it was going to rain hard but we were blessed because the weather was actually good – just cool winds and no rain. It was an intimate gathering where vets discussed common questions on vaccines and nutrition. Two of Graham’s brothers were there! Graham was so scared at first because aside from his siblings, he has never met any other dogs nor other animals (except for the birds that visit him from time to time). But he got comfortable after a while and started mingling with his brothers.

Nice thing about pet meets is that you get to meet regular pets and pet owners. Shows are interesting, yes, but for me (and this is just my opinion), it seems that when you see one you’ve seen them all. With the pet meet, we now understand Graham’s needs better. And, we got a lot of freebies from Royal Canin and Pet One. Coolness!

More photos here.


Meet Graham!