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Back with a new blog design!  I chose this theme because I am used to shorter posts now, because of social media.  Let’s see if this will inspire me to blog more.  Maybe it’s time to join Writers Block Philippines for a session too!


Happy New Year!

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."

Neil Gaiman

Blog blag!!!

I want to fix my blog!!!  I wish I was more techie so I can just fix this without any effort.  I have to fix the ads (they’re not supposed to be in all entries!), and I want to add more features like the share buttons!  I also can’t get the featured topics on the homepage to work properly.  UGH.  I wish I had more time too, so that I can really working on fixing this blog.  For now, this will have to do…



Blogging for Dummies

I am so grateful to Teckie for helping me bring back my blog (after losing access to it).  One down… BUT SO MANY MORE TO GO!

I need to change the theme of this blog.

I need to start another blog, a project I’ve thought of months ago but which is still on hold because I have yet to figure out how to set up the new blog on the same host.

Just thinking about these things stress me out.

I wish I were more techie so I can do this easily, in a day, with no stress.  *Sigh*.


On blogging…

Now that my blog is back, I’m actually at a loss as to what to write about.  I remember the times when I would watch a movie, or have an opinion on something I’m passionate about, and I would think “I wish I could blog about this!”  If I remember correctly I even wrote a note on Facebook once because I just had to let it out.  Now…

I’m not a writer, but I’m passionate about many things.  I’m a fangirl – when I’m a fan of something, or someone, I *really* am a fan.  When I try out a new restaurant, or watch a movie, or read a book, which I end up loving/liking, I want to tell all my friends about it so they can share in whatever I love.  But I’m not a writer, though I wish I was one.  It’s just beautiful how writers weave words together you know?

What I like about blogging is just like a journal, it captures your thoughts at that certain moment in time, and you can look back and realize that you’ve grown up, evolved, are the same, or whatever.  It gives you something to reflect on.

Time to look for a new blog template…



Test.  1, 2, 3…

Back after a 2-year hiatus!

Gotta look for a new design template…



My site, which I haven’t “launched” yet, got hacked.  It got hacked after 2 weeks of trying to figure out how to install wordpress on my host.  Now that I have successfully installed it, I got hacked.  I wasn’t even done yet, because I was still trying to figure out how to edit the template/theme.

The hacker left a message that included “Where is your security?”.  I googled the hacker and it seems that he has hacked a number of sites already.   How was he able to hack my site?  A weak password?  How else?  How do these hackers choose the sites they hack?

I am extremely annoyed.  Aside from having a very, very complicated password, how else can I avoid hacking?




I was tagged by Reg. :)

Rules: Post 10 things that recently made you happy then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their blogs.

  1. Getting Graham!
  2. Having lunch at CPK with Mommy, Daddy and Jovan
  3. Seeing the in-laws
  4. Having dinner and tea with the girls
  5. Finishing all requirements for today’s big fight Friday afternoon
  6. Seeing my batchmates and having lunch with them
  7. Discovering Stumble Upon
  8. Buying new Ipanemas
  9. Hanging out in Ateneo
  10. Fixing my layout problem

I am tagging: Jovan, Bunny, Kookie, Bea,  Ginsey,  April,  Vic,  Lawrence,  Jennina, Gemma.


Thank you Teckie for pointing out the problem!——————————————————-

Trying to install WordPress is giving me headaches. I’ve been trying to figure out this hosting thing and now I want to cry. It’s so complicated. Too techie for me, with MySQL and databases… ARGH!


Managing my own site!

Okay, THIS IS IT!  I have a new domain, the ever-reliable Mikoid agreed to host my site, and he has installed WordPress there already.  Now I have to figure this out.   I have to figure out how FTP works, choose a template I like, tweak it a bit, then import my entries.  Just thinking about this is giving me a headache, haha!

Good that I have the whole weekend.  I just hope our phone will be fixed today.